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Solitaire consultancy services is a residential and corporate recruitment agency

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Here at Solitaire Consultancy Services, we help our Customers with authentic and reliable services.

Personal Assistant

Responsible for smooth functioning of their client by managing their schedules, etc

House Manager

Responsible for the upkeep and smooth function of the facility or house and would include managing cleanliness of the area, etc.

Personal Chef

Responsible to manage the personal culinary preference of the client, providing healthy, etc.


Responsible to maintain clean and hygienic house. His duties would be Dusting and polishing furniture and fixtures.


Success Stories from Job Seekers

Amol pereira

The solitaire consultancy owned by Mr. David Eda, I highly recommend this recruitment agency for anyone who wants to step up their career in the private estate & many other hospitality jobs positions. They make all the process smooth and are always with you keeping you up to date in regards of your selection/ process and answering all the questions during the process. Keep up the good work. Super recommend. Best Regards.

Ashley Lobo

I have been associated with Solitaire Consultancy Services for three years. They are very professional. David and Wilson have been very helpful. They have guiding me throughout the process right from presenting a Suitable Opportunity, the interview process and keeping me updated at all times. I'm currently working with a reputed HNI Family. I highly recommend solitaire consultancy recruitment agency.


Thank you David, I am grateful and would like to thank you for helping me getting this job, you all were very helpful throughout the process. I will definitely recommend Solitaire to anyone who is looking for a good start in his career.

Patricia Newnes

Its my pleasure to enthusiastically recommmend Solitaire Consultancy. They are comitted, dedicated and very responsible, They are very detailed and communication is very effective and sincere.

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